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There’s a lot of despair, but also the odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same. – The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Barbery, Muriel Anderson

  • Nickname: ryan4yin, ryan_yin
  • Gender: Him/He
  • Music:
    • I like listening to Post-rock, Bluegrass, Folk and Instrumental Music.
    • I’m learning Bamboo Flute, Harmonica,SynthesizerV/ACE & Reaper on and off.
  • Sports: I like Roller Skating and Swimming, VR games “Beat Saber” and“Pistol Whip
  • Books: The serious books I read most are IT technical books. In addition, I also like to read science fiction and web novels / light novels that I can’t quit.
  • Movies/TV: What I watch most are anime, and in addition, science fiction films and tender films.
  • Major: Major in Acoustics, but I didn’t learn it very well…
  • Languages
    • English: Good at reading technical articles, but weak in writing, listening and speaking.
    • Chinese: My native language.
  • Programming Languages
    • Python/Go: Currently my mainstays, and also the languages I’m most familiar with.
    • Rust: Learning, it features a lot of functional syntactic sugar and helpful compiler prompts. It feels very powerful to use (although it can be a bit demanding as well…).
    • C: Mainly used to write embedded programs & learn Linux system programming.
    • The languages I have used but have been abandoned: Java/Julia/Mathematica/Lua
  • Technologies of Interest:
    • Linux: I’m an enthusiast for Linux, and I earn my livelihood through it. The distribution I like the most and have invested the most effort into is NixOS.
    • Neovim: My primary text editor and my personal favorite. It provides me with a smooth input experience akin to stenography input methods, making it hard for me to put down.
    • Window Manager: I use both i3 and hyprland as window managers. Similar to Neovim, they allow me to perform most operations without leaving the keyboard, resulting in a very fluid experience.
    • Embedded: Referring to embedded systems, I find the realm of hardware to be intriguing. In my free time, I’ve dabbled quite a bit and invested a fair amount of money in this field.
    • Kubernetes: One of the cornerstones of SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), a foundation of cloud-native technologies.
    • Istio: Among the most mature service mesh products, and also a crucial part of my professional toolkit.
  • Experience: Site Reliability Engineer
    • Maintain and optimize cloud computing platform and cloud networking, analyze and control cloud computing costs(AWS/GCP/…), to support the fast-growing business stably and efficiently.
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“For me, blog is first of all a knowledge management tool, followed by a communication tool. My technical articles are mainly used to sort out the knowledge I don’t understand yet. I only write about things that I haven’t fully mastered yet. As for the things I am proficient in, I usually have no incentive to write related articles. Showing off has never been my motivation to write. Curiosity is.” ──阮一峰

I started writing blogs in 2016, and it’s been many years now. I’ve experimented with various writing platforms, but ultimately, I chose to create my own website. This choice grants me full control and the highest degree of freedom. My articles won’t be deleted or blocked without reason. Additionally, there are many free static site hosting services available (such as GitHub Pages, Vercel, etc.), which essentially require no monetary investment.

Whether it’s a lifestyle blog or a technical blog, every blogger has their own objectives. My purpose for blogging has changed many times. Initially, I simply wanted to try out new things. Later, I aimed to gain more readership and comments because they provided a strong sense of accomplishment. Subsequently, I used my blog as a technical notebook and diary, jotting down numerous miscellaneous thoughts. Now, my primary goal for blogging is to use it as a tool to organize and construct my knowledge framework. My blog, along with my personal notes repository ryan4yin/knowledge, serves as my treasure trove of knowledge. As I continually add new content, I find myself increasingly reliant on it for my daily work and even leisure activities. My secondary objective is to share the knowledge I acquire with those who need it, embracing the joy of helping others. Lastly, I use blogging to document myself—my joys, sorrows, and personal growth.

I’ve purchased domain names for the longest duration of ten years, and renewing them every few years. I hope this blog will accompany me for a very long time. Looking back at my blog in the next decade and reflecting on the path I’ve walked over these ten years, I believe that time will hold special significance.

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The Internet is vast, and this website is in a corner.

If it is lucky enough to be found by you, and its content are also helpful to you, that would be great!

Thank you for reading~

These mottos have accompanied me through the seasons, accompanying this blog, and have given me strength during various periods. They evoke a sense of nostalgia whenever I encounter them. Here, I present them to all of you readers, hoping they may also empower you!

2021-02-06 ~ 2022-01-03
Breaking the jade cage, a colorful phoenix soars; unlocking the golden lock, a dragon roams free. — From my friend @二牛 (Er Niu)
2021-01-16 - 2022-04-04
With palms together and eyes closed, letting go of everything in your mind, your lips will naturally curl upwards, laughter will ring out, praising happiness~
2022-04-04 ~ 2022-08-19
I missed the flowers, but saw the sea.
2021-01-18 ~ 2022-08-19
There’s a lot of despair, but also the odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same. - “The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Barbery, Muriel Anderson”
2022-08-19 ~ now
Though there are countless waters and mountains ahead, the traveler will surely arrive. — “At the Bend of the Xiajiang - Notes on Chen Xingjia’s Life”

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