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There’s a lot of despair, but also the odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same. – The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Barbery, Muriel Anderson

  • Nickname: ryan4yin, ryan_yin
  • Gender: Him/He
  • Music:
    • I like listening to Post-rock, Bluegrass, Folk and Instrumental Music.
    • I’m learning Bamboo Flute, Harmonica, SynthesizerV/ACE & Reaper on and off.
  • Sports: I like Roller Skating and Swimming, VR games “Beat Saber” and “Pistol Whip
  • Books: The serious books I read most are IT technical books. In addition, I also like to read science fiction and web novels / light novels that I can’t quit.
  • Movies/TV: What I watch most are anime, and in addition, science fiction films and tender films.
  • Major: Major in Acoustics, but I didn’t learn it very well…
  • Languages
    • English: Good at reading technical articles, but weak in writing, listening and speaking.
    • Chinese: My native language.
  • Programming Languages
    • Python/Go: mainly used language currently.
    • Rust: Learning.
    • C: mainly used to write embedded programs.
    • The languages I have used but have been abandoned: Java/Julia/Mathematica/Lua
  • Experience: Site Reliability Engineer
    • Maintain and optimize cloud computing platform and cloud networking, analyze and control cloud computing costs, to support the fast-growing business stably and efficiently.
  • Tools & Technologies: Linux/NixOS/Kubernetes/Istio
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“For me, blog is first of all a knowledge management tool, followed by a communication tool. My technical articles are mainly used to sort out the knowledge I don’t understand yet. I only write about things that I haven’t fully mastered yet. As for the things I am proficient in, I usually have no incentive to write related articles. Showing off has never been my motivation to write. Curiosity is.” ──阮一峰

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The Internet is vast, and this website is in a corner.

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Put hands together, close eyes, think nothing, laugh out loud, praise and be happy~
I miss flowers, but see the sea.

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