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OS as Code - My Experience of NixOS

It’s February 2024, exactly 10 months since I started using NixOS. The beginner notes I wrote initially have received a lot of positive feedback and some sponsorships, becoming one of the most popular entry-level tutorials in the entire community. Since I created a dedicated GitHub repository and a separate documentation site for it in June 2023, it has garnered 1189 stars, and besides me, 37 other readers have submitted PRs:

Why do I explore these niche technologies?

I have dabbled with many niche technologies, and this year, the main ones I explored are NixOS, window manager i3/hyprland, and Neovim. NixOS, in particular, took me to a whole new level - I even created an open-source bilingual book nixos-and-flakes-book to help beginners get started. Additionally, I worked on several NixOS-related open-source projects like nix-darwin-kickstarter and ryan4yin/nix-config, which all received positive feedback. Based on my experiences with these niche technologies and the frequent questions I receive (e.

NixOS & Nix Flakes - A Guide for Beginners

Since the article is so long now, for the convenience of readers, the content of this post has been moved to a separate site: Document Site: https://nixos-and-flakes.thiscute.world/ GitHub Repo: https://github.com/ryan4yin/nixos-and-flakes-book Thanks for the feedback, criticism, suggestions from Reddit❤️

Summary of My 2021

GossipAnother year has passed in the twinkling of an eye, and this New year, the global epidemic has set a new record. After Christmas, the daily increase in the United States has directly exceeded 1 million. In China, poor management in Xi’an has led to hunger. COVID-19 has been for more than two years. Back to the point, after leaving from W Company at the beginning of this year, I was very lucky to join the current company, Mobiuspace, and I was mixed in the process of integrating into Mobiuspace.

The End of Another Semester

Ah, there are still ten days to get rid of the city and return to that reassuring mountain forest, waiting and anxious, wondering why the remaining ten days are so difficult. The final review is a mess again. I am really lazy… It is so unrealistic for me to have such a big dream that I have finished thousands of lines of code. I kind of want to accept my fate.